The XXI century has definitely going to be at the history as the one which the democracy is established in our brother countries, because our beliefs motivate and push us to break down the chains of autocratic impositions and those who spit on our principles and values, of decent culture full of fraternity and strives for progress and development for future societies.

The Venezuelan Student Movement has demonstrated since 2007 that as a generation will not let us impose an authoritarian political system and that’s why we are convinced that if the present is of strong, militant and victorious fight for our rights and democracy, the future will be inevitably ours. We have been sympathetic to the causes that raise the same flags that we do, such as the Iranian Student Movement and the Cuban one, and today, we want to do it with you mates, who have raised their voice without fear against the vice aged power already after 3 decades, have seized the opportunities for participation of people in the conduction of their own destinies.

We want you to know that from Venezuela we are very aware of what is happening in Egypt, although you will have limited internet and media, we know that you are not going to surrender no matter assaults and persecutions that the repressive bodies of the National Government deployed in the streets to silence your brave slogans.

Together as a generation, we’ll show that the first half of this century will be the vindication of our rights by the establishment of the real world peace, where the highly personal and ideological interests of those who believe in absolute truth to drive our people will be out, sublimely believing that they are indispensable because of their thinking and their actions, underestimating the ability, talent and the sincere patriot love that have our people for their nations.

Soon in the ears of autocrats, will rumble the noise coming from the breaking chains of oppression, they could see doomed how our streets will be covered by our free hands in the air and they will feel uneasy when our clarion call of Freedom!

Young Liberators: Now for the democracy of our people! And with our actions we would achieve the world peace!

From Venezuela,

Roderick Navarro

Student Dirigent from the UCV

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Estudiante de Ciencias Políticas. Fuí Presidente de la FCU-UCV en el 2010. Miembro de Venezuela Futura. Miembro de la Red Democracia Joven de las Américas. Político y escritor. La Libertad es mi valor supremo. Rod Navarro

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