Today we are convinced that people, who are always singing freedom, always have a future, and as a generation, you and us in our own particular reality, we have raised our voice in our desire to realize our dreams without fear of making mistakes and learning from them.

That is why what has happened in Egypt is eager to show persistence and resistance in the struggle of peoples for their beliefs and aspirations leading to inevitable victory. Nonviolent struggle as a means of protest is effective to the extent that its leaders catching from strength to his followers, and what is now at the beginning of the second decade of the century happens, let such marked not only the history of that country but for the entrenched authoritarian governments in power in countries where democracy is not an ordinary practice.

Us as young people hope that the new government in Egypt to continue supporting peace to the Middle East conflict for the Arab youth to aspire to freedom and progress, just as we hope to respect the human rights of all citizens and that all political actors function held by political stability, economic and international in your country.

Joy is contagious and we as a student movement we want to send our message of solidarity and support to the libertarian cause of you, that under the Youth Day in Venezuela, we raise with you the flags of the Freedom and Democracy but especially that of hope and endurance.

We have witnessed not the closure, but the opening of a new cycle in world history as it was in 1958 when was overthrew the dictatorship of Venezuela, in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall or the fall in 1991 Communism and the Soviet Union, this motivates us to move forward and not give up on our agenda, to authoritarianism, to abuse, censorship, to the control and the jackboot. We will continue expressing non-violent, and soon the streets of our country will be clothed unstoppable joy of youth, shouting FREEDOM, as it was in Cairo and Alexandria.

Long live the youth of the world and our generation who today is writing the history of our people!

Roderick Navarro
Student from the UCV
Venezuelan Student Movement

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Estudiante de Ciencias Políticas. Fuí Presidente de la FCU-UCV en el 2010. Miembro de Venezuela Futura. Miembro de la Red Democracia Joven de las Américas. Político y escritor. La Libertad es mi valor supremo. Rod Navarro

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